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E for Employment

Siemens Hiring: Engineer - Design and Development On Jun 2016 at Bangalore

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Job Details

Job Title :
Engineer - Design and Development
Experience :
Industry :
Qualification :
Bachelor s Degree/Masters Degree
Location :
Posted Date :

Job Description

1. Cleansing and binning of large scale machine data for analyzing.

2. Predictive Analysis, Trending, Anomaly Detections and condition monitoring.

3. Real-time analysis of data streams.

4. Innovative algorithm creation for data analytics.

Candidate Profile:
Knowledge and Expertise
1. Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Computer Science with 8-9 yrs of experience with Software design and development.

2. Strong inclination towards Mathematical Modeling towards solving real-world problems.

3. Proficiency with data structures and algorithms.

4. Proficiency with machine learning methods like supervised, unsupervised, deep learning and active learning.

5. Experience with Object oriented programming languages e.g. Java and/or c#

6. Experience with language like Python.

7. Knowledge on Design patterns and UML.

Employer Details :

Company Name :
Website :
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