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E for Employment

General Electric Hiring: Trainee On May 2016 at Mumbai

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Job Details

Job Title :
Experience :
Industry :
Qualification :
Any Graduate
Location :
Posted Date :

Job Description

1. Works on projects often requiring independent decision-making. These projects are normally scoped to last between 2 and 6 months in duration, but can last for as long as 2 years. 

2. Develops PowerPoint presentations and other graphic presentations to communicate progress, share best practices, or to provide updates. 

3. May be asked to analyze data with excel or various other analysis tools 

4. May be asked to take on certain aspects of a full time job within the function the intern is studying. For example, may be asked to write software code if in an engineering internship or might be asked to perform compensation analysis if in a HR internship. 

5. May be asked to participate in early talent events, seminars or trainings. 

6. Performing assignments where trust and accuracy are required

Candidate Profile:
Qualifications/Requirements :

1. This individual works on projects related to a particular function depending on their prior coursework and degree program.

Employer Details :

Company Name :
General Electric
Website :
View Similar jobs More Jobs Apply to this Job
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