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Public Speaking - How to Get Rid of Nerves

Tip Description

Public speaking is an art where the speaker informs and influences and motivates an audience on certain issues. A good speech can work wonders

Public speaking is an art where the speaker or the orator informs and influences the audience on a certain issue. The speech is deliberate and always purposeful. A wise orator concerns more with what his speech can do rather than what his speech should be. A good speech can motivate certain groups of people, clarify and solve out confusions and open up interest on a certain issue.

How to get rid of nerves
It is natural to be nervous before delivering a speech to a large gathering.  It shows that you value the audience. Even the greatest orators of the world commit errors. There are certain ways to reduce this nervousness and the fear of public speaking. Some ways to counter it are given below:

• Know the audience and subject matter: An orator should know what the audience want and what type they are. He should also know the subject matter well to give a new and a meaningful message to the public. The matter should not be based on his personnel ideas and thoughts, but it should rather be public centred.

• Make the speech entertaining: Audience love anything entertaining. So, deliver the speech in an entertaining way. This will not only drive the attention of the audience towards your speech but it will also enhance the level of confidence in you.

• Practice and prepare well: Prepare and practice well before you go to the stage for a speech. If need be, call some of your friends and perform in front of them and get the feedback. You can work on points where it is necessary. Once you are prepared, you will have confidence and fear of no one.

• Stay positive and be confident: Audience are there to hear what you say. Stay positive even if you have committed an error as you can learn only through mistakes.  Do contact your eyes with the audience, and act confidently. If confidence is there, you can deliver the message effectively to the audience. It will also give a sense of involvement to the audience.

• Be yourself and relax: Never imitate others, just be you while delivering a speech. A natural thing lasts long and the audience always love to hear anything natural. Don’t think that you would commit a mistake and don’t let any negative thoughts dominate you, just relax and ease your tension and fear and deliver the message. Use gestures and move around a little to emphasize on some points and grab the attention of the audience.

You can have all the audience at the edges of their seats only when you bring out the self in you and deliver a genuine piece of speech. They will listen to every word you deliver with full enthusiasm and interest. A good speech has the power to work miracles.

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