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Interview Tips: Questions to Ask in an Interview

Tip Description

What questions should you ask in an interview?

Typically at the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions.   A few interviewers use this question to test how well prepared you are, how well you have researched the company and how interested you really are in the position.

Questions you should ask in the Interview

  1. You can ask questions about the position?  Who would you report to?  What are the objectives / key tasks in the position?  What is the growth path for this position?  What level of autonomy you will have?  What will be your day to day responsibilities?  Will there be any training?  What are the first project that you will be working on?
  2. You can ask questions about the organization?  
  3. You can ask questions about the industry?
  4. You can ask questions about the decision timeline for the position?  You can also ask about the Interview process and what are the next steps?
  5. How would the interviewer describe the ideal candidate for the position?

Questions you should not ask in the First Interview

  1. Salary /Commission / Bonus
  2. Benefits
  3. Holiday and Leaves
  4. Evaluation of your performance

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